Know what your voice can do

Have you ever been told you have a nice voice, but too shy to admit it? If you are, then we at Annapolis will show you what your voice can do. We will teach you the techniques that will help you determine your voice range and improve the way you control your diaphragm, using professional breathing exercises. This is what we have done for years now and have helped a lot of individuals to find out for themselves what their voice can do aside from singing in the room or the bathroom.

Reach your dreams

Your dream will never be a reality if you are not taking steps in order to realize it. If you are stuck, and have no idea what to do, then it is 100% guaranteed your dream will remain a dream. With Annapolis, we will train your vocals like a finely tuned guitar… Up to the point that your voice will sound incredible – That is where your self-confidence will skyrocket, and you know in your heart what your voice can really achieve. Then you will have a voice you will be proud to share with other people.

Be a singer

Becoming a professional singer takes a lot of crucial steps for you. First, you need to know the technicalities in singing and be able to hit the notes easily, perfectly¬† and without any flaws. We will also help you with tips and tricks on how to get that spot in an audition, the best way to work with other band members through learning to read sheet music. You learn more about singing while at the same time we will be assisting you on how to become a true musician. How’s that?

Here at Annapolis, we are not just your vocal coach. We are more than that! We are here every step of the way in order for you to reach and make your dream come true.

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