Meet Us

Annapolis has been in the business of teaching individuals regardless of age on vocal coaching. We have helped quite a number of them who have become successful professional singers. We have a total of 7 vocal coaches who will work one-on-one with the students. Yes, there will be one-on-one private singing lessons to be given to all of our students. In this way, our students will be able to grasp the theories, technicalities, and techniques on how to sing the right way within their own voice range and developing their vocals at their own pace. Every Tuesday evening (excluding public holidays) at 7pm we hold group classes to speed theory development up for different level of student.

We are about developing our students’ talents and make a star out of them. We are very hands on and make sure all of them have learned something from the coach and that they can take home and practice homework. Aside from that, Annapolis has links and affiliations with organizations where they can land a singing gigs and unadvertised auditions to showcase their talents.

If you are interested, you can always drop by us an email and we would answer to all your queries without any hesitation at all. It would be our pleasure to help you reach your musical dreams.

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