Vocal Coaching Services

Annapolis provides nothing but the most up to date vocal methodologies and singing exercises only the professionals use. Our aim is to offer our services in such a way that each of our students will get more value and training than all of our local competitors combined. We WILL make a singer out of you. Yes, that’s right! We will condition your singing to a point that your family and friends won’t believe their ears! This is our guarantee to all of our students. This is how confident we our with how our vocal coaches teach their students and the techniques they use to make it all happen.

We do not cramp students into one classroom and have a ratio of 1:2 to 1:10. We believe that a student can only learn and get hold of the relevant information, techniques and methodologies if being taught by one vocal coach in a span of an hour session privately at a scheduled time that suits the budding singer.We offer quality service and this is what Annapolis does best.

All of our students will learn from singing lessons and theories only professionals use. They learn how to improve his or her diaphragm control, depth of tone and vocal range, perfect pitch and beautiful resonance. Apart from the essentials, we also teach a broad range of other singing and performing aspects that don’t get taught at other academies. This is our way of saying thank you and giving it back.

With all our vocal coaches, and all the team behind Annapolis we do guarantee you that you will get the best vocal coaching or singing lessons you would ever have in your life. You will walk in as a budding singer and leave a ready musician.

If you are interested to find out what Annapolis can do for your voice, you could always email us. We will be on standby to answer all your inquiries.

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